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Would you lie with me & just Forget the world..?

Pearls, Passion & Poetry. ♥

Mad'Moizelle Isabelle
She is: Isabelle, 18, coming from Quebec City, a beautiful French speaking area in eastern Canada - it's celebrating its 400st anniversary this year, you probably heard about it. So that explains the mistakes in my texts, French is my mother language and I've been writing in French a lot lately. I have blond/brown hair - though it is more blond now - and brown eyes. I am passionate - that's why i always end up obsessing about people or things! - a heck of an idealist and totally living in my own illusions bubble. I may seem serious, calm and classic, but I am a crazy person who has a huge imagination and who gets inspired by every event for her little stories. (one is a huge novel that will probably never get published, but eh, i love writing!) I'm the kind of person who always look and think about the past (that is wrong, i know! but i left so many beautiful things as years passed by...)
I am also an artist (well, at least, an arts lover) a poet (i do write some poetry, but haven't in a while), determinist (everything does happen for a reason!) and metaphysician (always asking why!). I have a huge curiosity and a urge to understand everything around me: that's why i have so many interests that make me get on well with many different people. When I love, it's the real thing.
She loves: all kind of arts, sciences (esp. chemistry & biology), litterature, poetry, philosophy, psychology, writiiiiing, meeting interesting new people, passionate and creative, tall dark-haired men, guitar, reading & learning all kind of new things, talking about nothing and everything, fall, school, shoppiiiiing, beautiful clothes, shoes (♥), jewelry, fashion, people, help people, skies, weather, trying to understand the universe and the past.
Musicaah: I do love every kind of music - always looking for new great songs! I am actually soaking my lovely computer with all those mp3 i keep uploading and listening! Though I do have my favourite artists (ahh, those lovely artists!) Here they are:
Our Lady Peace, Damien Rice, Pierre Lapointe, Vanessa Paradis, Francis Cabrel, Pink Floyd, Jean Leloup, The Beatles, Oasis, Stars, The Decemberist, Roch Voisine, Céline Dion, The Fray, Margot & the Nuclear & So and So’s, Richard Rochette, Jacques Brel, Rilo Kiley, Sting, David Usher, Charles Aznavour, R.E.M, Richard Marx, Chicago, Phil Collins, Tori Amos, Ryan Adams, James Blunt, Michel Sardou, Richard Ashcroft, Zachary Richard, Simon & Garfunkel, Snow Patrol… & so much more !
Current obsessions: The novel she is currently writing, her high school teachers (daah, yes...), Lo-Lee-Tah, GREY'S ANATOMYYY, writing & R.
If I hadn't traumatized you yet, if you like my work or I like yours or just feel like talking to someone, here's how to contact meeh:
MSN or Hotmail: illusioned.eyes@hotmail.com
Livejournal: velvetxlolita
FanFiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1468376/
I also have Facebook, Last.Fm & MySpace. Feel free to email me whenever!!

I created a writing journal, for those who are interested. thought it's friends only, comment to be added! :) ♥ fadingxstardust

I also found an old LJ where i used to put all my poems in it. It's velvetxstardust Most of them are in French, though. Voila! ♥

[The beautiful layout I have is made by the talented snubbly ! ♥ Lo-Lee-Taah is looove!! X3 ]
[This gorgeous Addison Shepherd drinking wine icon is made by the lovely & talented beautdisastr ♥ ]